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8.00Irish Nachos

Sidewinder Potatoes Smothered In Chili, Cheese, Topped With Bacon, Sour Cream And Chives


Cooked In Dijon Dill Cream Sauce Or White Wine Butter

8.00Beer Battered Onion Rings

Hand Dipped To Order


11.00Tempura Shrimp

6.005 Oz. German Pretzel With Pub Mustard

6.00Hummus With Naan Bread

Soups And Salads

Additions: Chicken 4.00 | Shrimp 7.00 | Salmon 7.00 | Crab Cake 7.50 

Hearty Chicken Corn Chowder

Chicken, Corn And Potatoes In A Hearty Cream Base

Cup 6.00 | Bowl 8.50

8.00French Onion Soup



Topped With Cheese And Sour Cream

Cup 6.00 | Bowl 9.00

6.00House Salad

Fresh Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrots And Croutons Topped With Sliced Red Onions

7.50Caesar Salad

Fresh Slices Of Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan, Olives, Anchovies And Croutons

7.00Greek Salad

Fresh Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Feta, Olives, Pepperoncini

2.00Bread And Butter

Lunch Offerings

All sandwiches served with hand cut French fries

Add lettuce, tomato and onion for 1.50

Sides: Baked Potato Salad | Coleslaw | 3 Bean Salad | Hand Cut French Fries

Make It A Platter: For One Side Add 1.50 | For Two Sides Add 2.75

11.00French Dip

Thinly Sliced Prime Rib Served On Baguette With House Made Au Jus

11.00Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Breast With Mozzarella Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce And Tomato Served On Flatbread

10.00Fried Pork Chop Sandwich

Hand Cut Pork Loin, Lettuce And Tomato. Ciabatta Roll With Dijon Mayo

11.00Crab Cake

House Made Crab Cake Served With Remoulade On Brioche Bun 

8.50Pasta Alfredo

Linguine And Vegetables Served In A Cream Sauce

9.00Stuffed Peppers

Roasted Red Bell Peppers Stuffed With Mushroom Risotto Topped With Broccoli

10.00Fish And Chips

Guinness Battered Cod Served With Malt Vinegar

8.00Grilled Cheese

Assorted Cheese On Sourdough Bread

9.50Hot Ham And Swiss

Warm Shaved Ham, Melted Swiss On Flatbread With Lettuce And Tomato

10.00Fried Chicken Sandwich

12.00No Bull Burger

Served with choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion, hand cut french fries or chips.

House Smoked BBQ And Such

Sides: Baked Potato Salad | Coleslaw | 3 Bean Salad | Hand Cut French Fries

Make It A Platter: For One Side Add 1.50 | For Two Sides Add 2.75

10.001/2 Lb. Hamburger*

Served with Fries.

13.001/2 Lb. Red Crest Farms Grass Raised Hamburger*

Hand Formed Fresh Hamburger Patty On Kaiser Roll With Lettuce, Tomato, Onion

Served with Fries.

Pulled Pork

1/4 Lb. Brioche Bun 7.00 | 1/2 Lb. Kaiser Bun 10.00

Sliced Beef Brisket

1/4 Lb. Kaiser Bun 10.25 | 1/3 Lb. Kaiser Bun 12.75

Slow Smoked St. Louis Style Ribs

1/2 Rack: 6 Ribs 16.00 | Full Rack: 12 Ribs 22.00

7.50Papa Weaver Bratwurst

1/4 Lb. With Bun, Grilled Onions And Peppers